Atta Mills was my friend – Mahama

Late President JEA Mills

Former President John Mahama has paid tribute to late John Evans Atta Mills on the fifth anniversary of his death, describing him as his comrade and mentor.

Mahama served as vice president under the late President and was sworn in to replace him as president following his death.

The former President in a Facebook post described the late president as his “comrade, mentor and friend.”

On Tuesday, July 24, 2012, at about 2:15 p.m., the entire world was thrown into a state of mourning. The death was reported of his Excellency John Evans Atta Mills.

Atta Mills unique brand and legacy was characterized by his humility and devotion to the Christian faith, his unflinching belief in and support for peace, his unbridled respect for the rule of law and his often self-effacing and tension deflating sense of humor.

As president, his statements and proclamations have always agreed with these admirable.

source: metro news | Yaw Prekoh |


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