Ghana has no reason to import food – Osafo Marfo

Yaw Osafo Marfo

An agriculture intensive country as Ghana must not be importing food for its citizens to consume.

This is according to the Senior Minister Yaw Osafo Marfo.

The Senior Minister was speaking at the Ghana Economic Forum held in Accra on Monday (August 7, 2017).

He explained that a country with 60 percent arable land and other good conditions that support crop production has no reason importing food from other nations.

“People have never understood why Ghana as a country with the quality of land we have should be a net importer of food.”

Successive governments have spoken about creating a self-sufficient agricultural sector, but this has not materialised.

Marfo said “there should be a total effort to make it. 60 percent of your land is arable the rivers in Ghana run uniformly in the country to make irrigation easy.”

“So do we have any reason to import vegetables, to import flowers? I don’t think we have and we can’t defend it to the future generation.”

Ghana imports tonnes of food to support the yields local farmers bring to the domestic market for consumption by residents in the country.

Statistics show that the primary food products imported are rice, wheat, poultry products among others.

However, the Senior Minister argued that these are also produced in Ghana, and enough effort must be put in place to reduce food imports to the country.

He was optimistic that the importation of food to Ghana would end in the long-run if the right measures are put in place.

source: metro news | Yaw Prekoh |


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