Ghanaian who lost fingers to frostbite in trek to Canada gets refugee status


A Ghanaian immigrant who lost his fingers due to frostbite while crossing the the US -Canadian border has been given asylum

Razak Iyal entered Canada with a fellow Ghanaian, Seidu Mohammed, on Christmas Eve, after they had walked for hours through waist-deep snow.

The two left the US on Christmas Eve last year fearing they would be deported but were not dressed for the sub-temperature weather conditions they faced on their journey.

They were spotted by a truck driver after crossing into Canada and spent weeks recovering in hospital.

Mr Iyal lost all his fingers but kept his thumbs. But he is not downcast.

“I can do a lot of things that people who have fingers can do,” he is quoted as saying

He plans to bring his wife to Canada and opening an electronics business similar to one he had in Ghana. Mr Mohammed has also won his asylum case.


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