Hot Video: Prophet reveals 100 ‘men of God’ who feed on human flesh

Prophet Kofi Nkwantabisa

Prophet Kofi Nkwantabisa of Nkwanta Bisa Prayer Grounds has thrown his banter at colleague prophets he claims they are witchcrafts and feed on human fresh.

The controversial prophet made the revelation in an exclusive interview on “Ahintas3m”, hoted by Krobea Nana Yaw Asante on Kumasi based Taabea TV.

The prophet shockingly released list of twenty prophets in the Ashanti Region he claims they feed on human fresh.

“Am telling you these are the list of the prophets who use human parts for miracles,they grind the bones of the dead body and inhale it, they have been killing pregnant women and plant it under their church building for miracles”, he lamented.

The attempt by the host to quiz him to named them proved futile, but he boldly showed a paper list, ”even some of the prophets own TV stations in Kumasi, they all move to sleep at Tafo cemetery in the night , where they perform wonders”, he added.

In his submission, the prophet indicated that, the motive of those prophets sleeping on cemetery is to get power to win souls for the devil.

“Go to Tafo cemetery in the night and see, there are a lot these “witch prophets” who call themselves men of God, that is where they sleep, I want to challenge Christian council and other religious bodies to meet me personally, if they think am laying , I will mention their names one by one”, he reiterated.

Prophet Nkwantabisa stated emphatically clear, that no single prophet can take legal action against him, if even he mentions names, saying “any one who do not fear should come forward”.

Watch the exclusive interview below:


Source: Metro Ayehu


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