Liberians await results of presidential elections


Votes are being counted across Liberia to determine the country’s next president and legislators.

Unofficial reports from the Liberia Broadcasting System suggest a runoff may be likely as ex-footballer George Weah and current Vice President Joseph Boakai are said to be leading. A provincial declaration is expected Friday, however, the electoral body has until October 25 to declare a winner or announce a runoff for the presidency.

A candidate must get at least 50 percent of the vote to be declared the winner.

Vote collation continues in Liberia as citizens wait for results from Tuesday’s general elections – voters are picking a new president and lawmakers in its third-post civil war polls.

There are 20 presidential candidates vying to replace Africa’s first female democratically elected president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

They include former footballer Senator George Weah, Vice President Joseph Boakai, former rebel leader Prince Johnson and the only woman in the race, former model Macdella Cooper.

There are 986 aspirants for the 73 seats in the House of representatives. 2,183,683 people registered to vote and the elections body reports of a high turnout.


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