‘Madman’ sets 2 apartments ablaze


Two apartments were Tuesday morning set ablaze in TaKoradi, Western region, by a man suspected to be mentally challenged.

Mawul,  who is in his early thirties, had jokingly announced his intention to set his mother’s apartment ablaze Tuesday, and neighbours also treated it lightly and did not therefore take any proactive measure.

True to his words, Mawul reportedly set fire in his mother’s apartment, which is an old bungalow previously occupied by staff of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority.

The suspect tried to escape from the scene but some residents pursued and accosted him.

Eye-witness’ account indicates two apartments that were occupied by nine people were razed down as the fire consumed their money and other valuables.

One of the victims narrating the incident, said she was alarmed when she saw the fire in her apartment, after her attention was drawn to it.

Because she was panicking and jittering, she jumped out of her room leaving behind GH₵ 1,200.00 and other belongings at the mercy of the fire, she recounted.

Mawul has since been arrested and detained at the Takoradi Central police station.

Meanwhile, a resident recalled that in recent past Mawul had mercilessly beaten an old man in the community, but no action was taken by the police though the issue was reported to them.

Residents are pilling pressure on the accused family to immediately find cure for his mental condition before the worst could happen.


Source: Metro News


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