Man, 23, gives chilling account of sexual bouts with grandmother

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A man, 23, has given a chilling account of how he has been sleeping with his grandmother for five years now.

The man, whose name has been withheld, said it all began when his grandmother caught him masturbating at age 18.

His parents left Ghana when he was 14 years, he said, adding that his grandmother has been taking care of him since then.

“It was vacation, I was inside my room masturbating. The pleasure in the act made me forget that I had not locked the door. Half through the process, my grandmother who wanted to send me on an errand suddenly opened the door. There I was, masturbating. She had caught me in the act. I felt very ashamed and dirty.  She closed the door gently without saying a word,” the man who comes from the New Juaben Municipality in the Eastern Region narrated.

His first sex escapade with his grandmother occurred when he was sent on an errand, he said.

According to him, he entered his grandmothers room only to find her naked.

Dumbfounded, the 23-year old said his grandmother asked him to draw closer of her.

At that point, he said, he knew the intentions of his 52-year old grandmother. Since then, they’ve had multiple sexual intercourse.

“She asked me to come closer to her since I was stunned beside the door. It took a long pause but I eventually went closer. I had a feeling I knew what was going to happen, but curiosity took me there,” he said.

“Even though I knew it was erroneous for me to do that, I proceeded anyway. I felt very confused and frustrated but that did not stop me from making love to my grandmother after one act led to the other. And from there we’ve had sex regularly for the past five years.’’

His amorous relationship with his grandmother will later affect his relationship with his girlfriend.

According to the man, his sexual encounters with his grandmother has also taken a toll in his education, saying his grades are getting worse.

“Though my girlfriend is not aware of my sex escapades with my grandmother but in a way, it has affected the healthy relationship I used to have with my girlfriend. As a result, my girlfriend has decided to call it quits since I do not give her the necessary attention, care and love anymore,” he said.

He continued: “I really want to stop this bad behaviour but am really finding it difficult and it has even again affected my education.

“My grades are getting worse as the day goes by and all what I think about is my grandmother but nothing else.

“I feel very guilty for everything I have been doing with my grandmother. I pray no one especially the youth, enters a predicament like this because it is very disgusting and can haunt you for the rest of your life”.

source: metro Ayehu | Yaw Prekoh |


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