A 43year old man, Amidu Moro, was banished from one of the towns in Afigya Kwabre South, a Town nearer to Kodie in the Ashanti Region.

The Chief of the town charged Amidu Moro for not partaking in Communal labor, community contribution or levy in any form and for not attending any social gathering.

The Chief restricted Amidu from participating in important social gatherings in the community; Church, Community Park, and Market. Amidu tried selling all his properties including his house, but the Chief did not allow him. Amidu could not live with the stigma and shame that the pronouncement of the Chief has brought to him. Thus, he saw the situation as house arrest and allegedly resorted to hanging himself.

The case is under investigation, and for that reason, Metro News has decided to withhold the name of the Chief and the town until investigations are concluded and a report made available by the Police.

Source: Metro News | Krobea Asante |


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