It’s so disgusting at this economic hardship in this country our Members of Parliament personal drivers received less than Ghc 300.00 as monthly salary without any allowance.

Metro news source indicates that these drivers receive their monthly salaries on while SSNIT contributions are not paid to secure their future aside from the risk involved.

Most of them are not happy with the condition in which they find themselves but because there’s no job they’ve decided to manage it while looking for another with a good salary to cater for their families.

The most annoying part is that the MP’s and their lavish V8 cars have been insured comprehensively while their drivers are left to their fate when the unfortunate incident happens meanwhile our Members of Parliament know better, but nothing is done about it despite several complaints at personal levels with their bosses.

Metro News spoke to former Member of Parliament for Bantama Constituency who is also a legal practitioner, Hon. Henry Kwabena Kokofu who admits saying some of the drivers are not adequately paid well as reported but not all of them.

The former legislature argued that the MP’s have their particular challenges because the deductions at source from their monthly salary are too much to even paid their drivers well coupled with other oversight responsibilities at the constituency.

He further stated not only the drivers have challenges with salaries but bodyguards whose work is to protect MP’s because they are not entitled to Police or any country security as Ministers and Deputies. All these people are paid from the MP’s salary so you can imagine, he lamented.

Our MP’s enact laws for this country yet their drivers and bodyguards are poorly paid without failing to address their concerns.

The Executive Director for Joint Alliance Youth and advocacy youth group Mr Tweneboah Kodua (T.K) said his outfit had petitioned Commissioner for Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) to compelled the MP’s to pay for their drivers SSNIT contribution and also increased their monthly salary as well as their bodyguards.

He said their Lawyers would petition the Chief Justice Her Ladyship Sophia Abena Akuffo if they didn’t hear anything from CHRAJ on this matter.

According to Joint Alliance Youth, the poor drivers were employed to drive their bosses based on which they paid this meagre salaries, but they go to their bosses house to iron their clothes, polish their shoes and that of their wife’s and kids aside errands.

Source: Metro News | Krobea Asante |


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