Muntari slaps Ghanaian referee in friendly game

Sulley Muntari

Sulley Muntari has not played for the Black Stars of Ghana since the 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament in Brazil because he lost his cool.

The Ghanaian midfielder has since apologised, but it seems the temper is not cooling anytime soon.

According to a report by ‘Peace Power Sports’, a sports show on Peace FM, referee John Terry narrates how Sulley Muntari slapped him and ended a friendly game abruptly.

“There was a small infringement which I didn’t see earlier, so I stopped the game and decided to replay it as fair-play in favour of Sulley’s side,” referee John Terry narrates what during the friendly game between Sulley Muntari XI and Laryea Kingston XI at the Kotobabi Wembley in Accra.

An angry Sulley Muntari
angry Sulley Muntari attacking a player

“Unfortunately he (Sulley) grabbed the ball with his two hands, and I gave him a yellow card for that on the field of play. He was not pleased and came straight to slap my face, and I showed him a red card, and he took the ball and played it out of the field of the game.

“I was surprised, and the players around couldn’t do anything since all were similarly surprised too.”

“When that happened, players of both sides talked to me not to retaliate and forget. Laryea Kingston spoke to me to let things go, and at that moment I let go.”

The report did not give Sulley Muntari’s account of what happened during the friendly game.

source: metro sports | Yaw Prekoh |


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