Nana John Acheampong, the kyidom Hene and Acting Chief of Techire stool land in the Tano North District of the Brong Ahafo region has been asked the Newmont Gold Ghana Limited- Ahafo mine to call off its activities from his land or will face the wrath of their ancestors.
Nana said the mining company which is operating in ten communities in Ahafo including Techire stool land is rather being a nuisance to the peaceful co-existence of the Techire citizenry.
Nana John Acheampong, told Sunyani-based radio Metro 90.5FM, that the company through its actions and inactions has been creating divisions among the various stakeholders and leadership (Nananom, the Assembly Member, the Unit Committee, the Youth Association, the Farmers Associations and other opinion leaders) of the Techire Community.
“We will enjoy our peace in poverty than the little peanut contribution of the company (Newmont Gold Ghana) and up bring of disunity, confusion, indiscipline and other social vices to the Techire community. The company’s actions and inactions have been making community administration and governance very difficult” he told Metro FM.
Nana John Acheampong said the community leaders do not want the worst to happen any national outcry, that’s why “we, therefore, entreat the Newmont Ghana Gold Ltd to check or better call off its activities or face the wrath of our ancestors”.
“In fact, we are sorry to stat emphatically that we can no more assure the company of its security on its concession on our stool land because we have realised that the company does not recognise the customary owners of the land and the various stakeholders in the community” he concluded.

Voice of Honourable Abudu Isaka: Assembly member for Techire

source: Metro90.5 | Krobea Asante |


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