Only God can judge me on my choice of dresses – Actress

Bennedicta Gafah

Bennedicta Gafah is one actress whose choice of dresses has always been at the centre of discussions.

She is known for slaying and looking sleek but always put on dresses that expose some of her vitals.

Well, to the actress, it is important for people to stay out of issues concerning others because on judgement day, each individual will be answerable to their maker differently.

“On the judgment day, I believe each person will answer for themselves, so I don’t think people should poke their noses into others personal lives. Besides anytime you see me dressed in a way,  then it is an advertisement business I am doing for a company,” she told Kesben TV.

She continued “On a normal day, I wouldn’t wear such clothes . If you choose to dress like the way you see me do, then you better get for yourself a ride or a personal taxi so you can drive back home comfortably after attending an event”.


source: metro entertainment | Yaw Prekoh |


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