Parliament to summon ADB


The Parliamentary Select Committee on Agriculture will soon summon the Agriculture Development Bank (ADB).

This was disclosed by the Chairman of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Agriculture, Kwame Asafu-Adjei.

Speaking at a National Stakeholder Conference on Agriculture Asafu-Adjei said their invite would be because they have received numerous complaints from farmers on the challenges they face when they try securing a loan from ADB.

“Unfortunately the only bank we have for farmers is the Agricultural Development Bank. But it is not serving the interest of farmers anymore, and my committee will invite them to come and explain to us because this is a farmers bank where they have to look out for the interest of farmers and all stake holders.”

He stressed that all stakeholders in the sector need to play their roles properly to help grow the industry.

“Agriculture cannot continue to be a strong pillar of the economy if we do not put the necessary measures in place. I am confident that we will all benefit and the planting for food and jobs will be a success. I will do my part, and all stakeholders should endeavor to do their part as well.”

ADB bank was established purposely to cater for the needs of farmers. However, the bank has since diverted from its core mandate of providing financial support to farmers.

But Asafu-Adjei said they would ensure the bank fulfills its primary responsibility which is to serve the needs of farmers.

source: metro news | Yaw Prekoh |


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