All who take alcohol to boost their appetite for food need medical attention and that is according to the principal nutritionist at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH), Nana Yaa Agyeman Prempeh.

Nana Yaa speaking to the host of Your Health which is aired on Kapital Radio every Sunday at 2pm, she indicated every human must naturally have appetite for food. According to her, it becomes problematic when one would have to rely on alcohol to boost appetite for food.

Speaking on the topic, eating healthy, the nutritionist said eating healthy was paramount especially considering the four star diet. The four star diet is catalogued into how best a menu should be planned to involve all nutrients needed for the body.

However as worrying as it can be, some people have trained themselves to eat better only after consuming alcohol; a conduct Nana Yaa has described as bad and unhealthy. The act locally termed as “yebu didi” sees to the consumption of alcohol and waiting some few minutes before food consumption.

Those who are into the act complain unless they consume the alcohol, they are unable to eat much. But speaking to the host of the program, Lily Ampofoa Annor, she said “I think if you can’t eat a meal and enjoy it without taking alcohol then you have a medical problem and you need to see a doctor because for the normal person you should have a meal without alcohol boost.”

She said if one can only eat well after consuming alcohol then the person needs help because the person has become an alcoholic and has therefore asked all in that situation to put a stop to it and seek medical attention.


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