PHOTO: Police hunts for woman who has aborted 6-month-old baby


Police at Assin Fosu are in search of a woman for aborting her baby believed to be six months old.

The inhuman act of the woman, currently at large, occurred Wednesday dawn at Assin Atonso in the Assin Fosu Municipality of the Central Region.

Nana Korankye Apomuden who disclosed this said: “the fully formed baby was a boy”.

He reported the baby was aborted in a backyard garden just behind the Assin Atonso chief palace. He said this incident is the third of its kind in just seven month period in the community.

The report added; chief of Assin Atonso, Nana Kwame Asamoah and his council observed a short ceremony to poor libation after which the baby was buried.

Police have also promised to clamp down the woman who committed the ungodly act, he said.


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