The outbreak of swine fever has hugely affected pig farms in the country particularly in Ashanti, Brong Ahafo, Upper East and Western Region.

It will be recalled that veterinary services division under the Ministry of Agriculture last year June announced the outbreak of Swine fever which basically affect only pigs but the rate at which the virus is spreading should be a worrying to everybody.

Ashanti regional director of veterinary services Dr Emmanuel Edward Effa explained that previous government was paying for the affected pigs by which enabled his team to check pig farms to killed and bury them to avoid further spreading but the government has stopped.

Though it has no implications on humans health notwithstanding they advise the farmers to kill the pigs themselves and bury them in a deep pit.

Statistics show that over 5000 pigs have been killed by the swine fever virus since its outbreak last year to date and the farmers are calling on the government to quickly intervened by assisting them financially to be able to raise more pigs to meet the demand.⁠⁠⁠⁠

metro 94.1 FM’s interview with Maxwell Oteng a pig farmer in Kumasi

Already there’s false public education that consumption of pig meat is not healthy and this has affected their market sales. Meanwhile, the Ministry has not been able to defend these leaving it to the pig farmers to do the damage control.

metro 94.1 FM’s interview with Maxwell Oteng a pig farmer in Kumasi

source: metronews | Krobea Asante |


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