Teacher hangs himself on toilet


A 40-year-old teacher at St. Lawrence School in Kaneshie has committed suicide in a public toilet at Lapaz.

The landlord Osman Muhammad said that one of his tenants knocked on his door at 6 am Wednesday morning but he did not answer.

He, however, added that the tenant came back to him complaining that someone else had occupied the place of convenience.

Mr Osman, therefore, looked through the window and saw the teacher with a rope around his neck.

“At dawn one of my tenants came to knock my door around 6 am. He claimed the door was locked. I urged him to open but we both realised it was locked. We look through the window and realised the person in the toilet had committed suicide…” he narrated.

It is still unclear what might have caused the teacher to kill himself.

source: metro news | Yaw Prekoh |


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