Video+Photos: Cultural display by Nzima Kotoko at Mahyia Palace


The Nzema are an Akan people numbering about 328,700, of whom 262,000 live in southwestern Ghana and 66,700 live in the southeast of Côte d’Ivoire.

In Ghana the Nzema area is divided into three electoral districts of Nzema East Municipal also referred to as Evalue Gwira, Ellembele District and Nzema West, which is also referred to as Jomoro District of Ghana. Their language is also known as Nzima (in Ghana) or Appolo (in the Ivory Coast).

The Nzema Kotoko stormed Manhyia Palace on Wednesday [Day 6] to display their rich culture in the ongoing finale funeral rite of the late Asantehemaa Nana Afia Serwaa Kobi Ampem II.

Watch video of the cultural display by Nzema Kotoko:


Below are photos of Nzema Kotoko cultural display:



Source: Metro News |Eric Nana Prekoh|


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