We won’t turn down an offer from any betting agency to sponsor local League — GFA

Ibrahim Sannie Daara

Communications Director of Ghana Football Association, Ibrahim Sannie Daara, has said the football ruling body will not turn down an offer from any betting agency to sponsor the local League.

The elite league has been without a headline sponsor for the last two years since Capital Bank withdrew from its five-year-deal worth $10 million, penned in 2014 and the GFA has been hunting for one since.

Daara admitted that it will be dangerous for a betting agency to become the headline sponsor of the local league as a result of fears some players and club officials could bet on their own GPL matches.

“Having sponsorship from a betting agency is welcomed. It is not dangerous, the only danger it gives people within the game the opportunity to be able to bet but those who will benefit from that is betting syndicates. A typical example is Wilson Peru Mal who was betting on matches and was jailed,” Daara said.

Meanwhile, the Ghana Premier League is expected to start by the close of January next year.


Source: Metro Sports



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