Why have you lost your voices after election? – FIPAG PRO quizes movie stars

Tracy Boakye

The Public Relations Officer of the Film Producers Association of Ghana, Roseline Osei has described actors and actresses in the Ghana movie industry as selfish individuals.

In write up to voice out her frustration, she quizzed the actors and actresses what they have done for the industry which has made them who they are and has provided them with all they currently have.

She wondered why although some of the industry players were vociferous during the electioneering period but have gone deaf and dumb on asking the government to help the industry after their influence was used by the various Political Parties. She indicated that with the current state of the movie industry, it was the time the actor and actresses rise to seek for their share of the national cake and ask the government to invest in the industry because several film makers have been rendered jobless.

source: metro entertainment | Yaw Prekoh |


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