Why McBrown is the face of everything


Nana Ama McBrown a great Kumawood- Ghallywood superstar is a real national treasure like none other. After dominating the silver screens for years, she is now gracing our TV screens with commercial after commercial.

Her quirky upbeat character will leave you hooked to her bandwagon and not to mention a face we adore. If you have a keen eye, you would realise that Nana Ama is the star a lot of commercials on TV and rightly so because she has a saturated cult following who are loyal to her to the end.

The Kumawood-Ghallywood blockbuster star supplements her income with the series of commercials she has done over the years and with the highest net worth of over one million Ghana cedis the highest amongst female Kumawood actresses she is not throwing in her towel anytime soon. Here are just the top five commercials you may currently see her in:

1. Tasty Tom

2. Hisense: She is known as Madam HiSense

3. Softcare Baby diaper

4. AF Electrical Ghana

5. Envirofit Supersaver Coal Pot

source: metro entertainment | Yaw Prekoh | 


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