You’ve failed in your bid to sabotage my campaign – Vicky Zugah tells Delay


Actress Vicky Zugah has released some salvos at TV and Radio personality, Delay for editing her interview and portraying her as a bad person to her viewers.

According her, her interview with Delay was prerecorded and had loads of positives but was edited by Delay and her team because they have decided to sabotage her fight against spousal abuse.

“The show wasn’t live but recorded. They edited the “positive” info out just to sabotage my campaign but good news is they failed IJN.”

In a post on instagram, the actress who was described by Delay as a pathological liar indicated that only liars know their fellow liars therefore describing Delay as liar and an individual who peddles falsehood.

She said “Liars or people who lie a lot always think that others lie to them”.

Actress Vicky Zugah who has openly said she been abused by her three boyfriends she dated in a space of four years and has started a campaign to create the awareness that there is the need to walk out of abusive relationships was called a pathological liar on live TV by Delay who said she was hurt to have defended her all these years.
source: mynewsgh


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